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AKARD COMMUTATOR of TENNESSEE (ACT) is a custom manufacturer that builds almost every product within the listed TYPICAL PRODUCT SIZE RANGE of almost every known design or type as either one-of-a-kind or volume production. Therefore, a PRODUCT CATALOG is not feasible. Pricing is based on CUSTOM QUOTATION of each customer’s design parameters, OEM specifications, and/or dimensional data taken from existing original units. Commutator & Slip Ring Dimensional Data Sheets as typically used for quotation purposes are welcomed from any other source/vendor and AKARD COMMUTATOR of TENNESSEE (ACT) own easy-to-use version is available at no charge upon request or may simply be downloaded from the company website.


As small as 1” to upwards of 120” in Dia.


V-Ring Type Commutator Refills/Rebuilds
Professional CAD Engineering Services
Complete New Commutators – ALL TYPES
Undercutting & Profiling Services
Internal Steel Shrink Ring Commutators
Glass Bound Commutator Refills/Rebuilds
Steel Banded Shrink Ring
Traction Type (Including Spin Seasoning)
Rivet Type Commutators
Inserted Riser Buttons & Lashing
Vertical/Axial Commutators
Horizontal Riser Commutators
Short Circuiting Devices
Bore & Steel Part Repairs
Bore & Steel Part Replacement


Complete New Slip Ring units – ALL TYPES
Shrink Type Slip Ring Rebuilds / Refills
Bolt Together Slip Ring Rebuilds / Refills
Molded Slip Rings
Split Ring / Split Hub
Custom Cast Rings
Oil Rings
Special Alloys


AKARD COMMUTATOR of TENNESSEE (ACT) exclusive copper machining processes enable us to hold tighter tolerances while also greatly increasing the speed of the entire manufacturing process. Our 1-Piece mica V-Rings are custom molded for an exact fit (while fully protecting the sharp-point of the steel cap). Every unit we produce has better ground fault protection than many manufacturers, as we don’t use inferior silicon sealants (proven to cause premature carbon brush failure).

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AKARD COMMUTATOR of TENNESSEE (ACT) has been blessed with PHENOMENAL GROWTH, and we owe it all to our experienced commutator and slip ring craftsmen. It is a FACT that AKARD COMMUTATOR of TENNESSEE (ACT) has the MOST EXPERIENCED team of commutator and slip ring builders in the world! As we have grown, we have continually added experienced commutator builders and machinists to our staff. Every member of AKARD COMMUTATOR of TENNESSEE (ACT) family takes great pride in BEING the BEST MANUFACTURER ON A DAILY BASIS.

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We use quality Mil-Spec Approved raw materials

and proven techniques to be THE BEST!

Mil-Spec Approved: ACTual Ground Protection!℠ 1-Piece Molded Mica V-Rings
Mil-Spec Approved: Alloys MEET or EXCEED Design Specifications
Mil-Spec Approved: Special Alloys/Material Certification Available Upon Request
Mil-Spec Approved: Traction Grade Sealants per Customer Choice at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE
Mil-Spec Approved: High Temperature Insulation Materials Standard
Mil-Spec Approved: Inorganic Binder Mica Insulation Available Upon Request
Mil-Spec Approved: Spot Welded, TIG Welded, and/or Silver Brazed (clean, no-flux welding) Inserted Risers
Mil-Spec Approved: Moisture Resistant Banding Tape
Mil-Spec Approved: Cross-Woven Slip Ring Hub Insulation/Banding Materials
Mil-Spec Approved: G-10 Buttons (for Inserted Riser Commutators)
Real Wooden Crate Packaging with Proper Bracing
Garnet sandpaper (non-conductive) used in production
Environmentally Safe Cleaning Agents & Coolants

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Available 24/7/365

The best part about WORKING every night, weekend, and holidays: ACT can build YOUR commutators and slip rings with the WORLD’S FASTEST LEADTIMES without cutting a single corner on product QUALITY! ACT builds FULLY SEASONED, properly CURED commutators and slip rings in 24-36 HOURS that will meet or exceed the most critical original equipment specifications.

Services Available within 24-36 hours

V-Ring Type Commutator Refills
Banded Commutator Assemblies
NEW Rivet Type Commutators
NEW Refillable V-Ring Commutators
NEW Short Circuiting Devices
NEW Vented Molded Conversions
NEW 1-Piece Mica V-Rings
NEW Inserted Risers
Commutator Reinsulation Services
Commutator Repairs (when possible)